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Dr. Genevra Walters’s vision is to develop an educational system that creates opportunities for all children to be valued, contributing citizens in a fast-changing global society. She is committed to the growth and development of life-long learners. Dr. Walters attended University of Illinois at Chicago for both a Bachelor and Master Degree in Social Work. She completed an educational doctorate at Illinois State University. Dr. Walters’ emphasis during her doctoral program was teacher education and research.

Dr. Walters began her professional career as a School Social Worker in Kankakee School District 111. She was employed in Kankakee School District 111 as an assistant principal at Kankakee High School and principal at Mark Twain Elementary School. In 2001, Dr. Walters began working at SPEED S.E.J.A #802 Human Resource Coordinator. She moved to the position of Superintendent at SPEED in January, 2007.

Dr. Walters has had opportunities to present at numerous local, state national, and international conferences on numerous educational topics. During June of 2004, she presented at the China- US Conference on Educating Students with Special Needs in Beijing, China. Her topic was “Building Collaborative Relationships with Families”. The conference increased her understanding of diversity, compassion for people, and desire to help promote and develop children regardless of their backgrounds and experiences.

Dr. Walters is the Co-author of the book “What Works for Special Education and At-Risk Learners: A Framework for General Education Teachers and Administrators”. The book provides a framework and initiatives that can be used to increase the quality of education for all students. The strategies in this book can be used in school environments regardless of abilities or disabilities.

Dr. Walters returned to Kankakee School District 111 as the Superintendent on May 30, 2014.


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