Scott Richard Kizner, Ph.D.
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Dr. Scott Kizner holds a Ph.D from Virginia Tech and has 30 years of school system leadership experience, including 22 years as a school superintendent. Dr. Kizner has been a special education teacher, school psychologist, director of special education and student services and assistant superintendent of instruction. Dr Kizner has over 12 years of teaching experience in Graduate Education Leadership Programs for aspiring leaders and preparing teachers for special education.  He is currently on the Ed Leadership  Faculty at George Mason University in Fairfax Virginia, focusing on Curriculum and Evaluation, Instructional Leadership, Conflict and Motivation and Critical Issues in Education. Dr. Kizner is also employed by the Virginia Department of Education working in the Licensure and Certification Department.

Dr. Scott Kizner is an unwavering champion of equity, supporting students with disabilities and English learners along with removing barriers and closing achievement gaps for students that are economically disadvantaged. His experiences as a school psychologist and counselor have fostered  a unique strength of bringing a laser focus leadership approach to meeting the mental health needs of students and seeing the greatness in every child.

Dr.  Scott Kizner has presented at state and national conferences on topics related to equity, supporting the struggling student. closing the achievement gap and how to promote positive school  system change for better results. He brings a sense of humor and great respect for others that has led many other leaders to consider him as a mentor and colleague for life.   Working collaboratively with teachers, leaders,  school board members, parents and community members has resulted in many praises for his leadership and Dr. Scott Kizner will bring his passion, experiences and skills to the role of HYA Associate.

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