The Engage phase consists of designing and planning a process of engaging the Board and stakeholders through interviews, online surveys (available in world languages), and focus groups.  Information from these interactions assists in developing a leadership profile and selection criteria that match the priorities of the community and that meet the unique needs of the local district.  This disciplined, inclusive and research-based approach ensures all stakeholders have the opportunity to be a part of the search process and provides valuable feedback about the school district based on HYA’s local research and professional understanding of the district’s standing in the broader marketplace.  The HYA Signature search includes all Engage phase services, however, a district can choose services a la carte.

Board Engagement

Associates meet with the Board, individually, or as a group if the Board prefers. Desired characteristics and attributes for the next leader are codified and utilized when recruiting and screening candidates.

Community Engagement

HYA consultants meet with constituent groups.  These focus groups provide information and insight for the development of the leadership profile.

Stakeholder Surveys

HYA’s survey employs research-based approaches to identifying the goals, needs, and priorities of the school system along with the desired characteristics of its next leader.  A report is provided that can be shared with the community.

Leadership Profile Report/Desired Characteristics

Associates develop a Leadership Profile Report to synthesize information from all Engage phase efforts that can be published for the community and applicants.