The Select phase consists of providing the Board with a slate of candidates that were interviewed by HYA Associates using the Leadership Profile or job description established by the District.  HYA Associates are committed to spending the necessary time and energy on the details to find the right candidates. The search team then facilitates the Board/District interviews and appointment process including reviewing candidates’ references.  HYA’s ability to gain important background information regarding candidates – beyond what appears on an individual’s resume – is a unique and distinguishing characteristic of HYA, and is attributable to the integrity of the firm, Associates, and the vast networks of professional relationships built through decades in the education field.  A workshop on interviewing and construction of interview questions is facilitated by the Associates.  Executive due diligence including formal background and media checks complete the Select phase.  The HYA Signature search includes all Select phase services, however, a district can choose services a la carte.

Board Interview Workshop

The workshop includes effective interviewing techniques, a review of the law, how to build consensus, and the development of the interview script the Board/Administration will utilize.

Finalist(s) selection facilitation

The associate will utilize different processes to help the Board/Administration to build consensus and select their finalist(s).

Background Checks

Comprehensive and expanded background checks are completed by independent third-party investigators and include an executive summary allowing for an analysis of findings, not simply dozens of articles and documents  to read.