The Transition phase consists of assisting the Board and new Superintendent to assure a successful transition.  Appointing a new leader is the first step toward accomplishing organizational and student goals for success.  HYA facilitates goal setting and an evaluation process for superintendents and chief executives; coordinates and provides a process for the development of strategic plans; and assists in the recruitment of key members of the leadership team, namely assistant superintendents and principals.

Board Governance Workshop

The workshop addresses the concepts of trusteeship, governance, management, continuous improvement and systematic change. Developing and maintaining effective Board-Superintendent relations, the need for long and short range planning, consensus decision-making, and other components of successful Board service are also discussed at this workshop.

Superintendent Evaluation

To develop and maintain effective Board-Superintendent relations and provide the Board with an opportunity to determine what it desires to have the Superintendent achieve during his/her first two years in the position, goals and the evaluation process must be codified and understood with great clarity.  This solution provides the instruments to receive input from individual board members and the mechanisms to efficiently complete the superintendent evaluation.

Executive Coaching

The mentoring relationship will be designed with the HYA Associate and the new Superintendent with input from the Board.  There is a focus on monitoring progress towards attainment of Board goals and facilitation of the Superintendent’s first year evaluation.

Strategic Planning

This long range plan provides the framework and guidance for school districts to fulfill their mission with optimal efficiency and impact.