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Executive Coaching

School administration requires executive level knowledge in operations, law, finance, union negotiations, community relations, board management and of course curriculum and program development.  The positions are also intensely political and in the public media.   An investment in yourself or your school leader will help leverage strengths and build more productive relationships with a variety of people.  A coach provides a neutral third party sounding board with personal experience and understanding of the demands of the position.   A coach, unlike employees or family members, isn’t a dependent or subordinate, but rather a person capable of giving honest feedback to help the leader achieve their goals and the goals of the organization.  

The mentoring relationship is designed with the HYA Associate and the Superintendent/Principal with input from the Board.  There is a focus on monitoring progress towards attainment of Board goals and facilitation of the Superintendent’s first year evaluation if desired by the Board.  

The services may include coaching and consultation on a variety of Superintendent and management-related duties and responsibilities, including, but not limited to, the following areas:

  • Communication and outreach plans on issues, and concerns, as they emerge in the District, to solicit Board, staff, and community support for the Superintendent’s ongoing work in the District,
  • Strategies to identify short- and long-term District needs for programs and services,
  • Development of Superintendent goals and objectives for her ongoing leadership of the District,
  • Problem-solving strategies for issues of concern in the District, including methods for informing the Board, staff, and community on such issues, when appropriate,
  • Strategies for working collaboratively with the Board in the leadership of the District to enhance the professional relationship between the Board and the management of the District,
  • Building productive relationships with a wider variety or people,
  • Self reflection, and
  • Skill building

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