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August 10, 2023
Application ends: October 25, 2023
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Job Description


organization structure | board of directors | executive director/ceo

Policy adopted: 09/16/1981Policy amended: 02/06/2020
Policy reviewed: 11/21/2019Policy renumbered: XX/XX/XXXX

The Executive Director/CEO has the following Bylaw mandates:

  1. Post on the Association’s website notice of all meetings of members, not less than ten or more than forty days, before the meeting. (see 3300)
  2. Maintain a record of the proceedings of the Association and of the Board of Directors.
  3. Oversee the development and distribution of the Association’s publications.
  4. Oversee the Annual Conference and Exhibition.
  5. Serve as ex-officio on all Professional Development Committees.
  6. Oversee and manage the headquarters office and staff.
  7. Collect and disburse the monies of the Association consistent with the annual Association budget as adopted by the Board of Directors and directed by the Treasurer.
  8. Be the primary spokesperson for the Association with the press, legislature and other policy organizations.
  9. Complete such additional duties as may be assigned by the President and the Board of Directors.

(cf. 9300)
Reference: Illinois ASBO Bylaws
Article VI, Section 2


job title: Executive Director/CEOdate created/revised: 07/2006; 02/2017; 06/2020; 07/2023
report to: Board of Directorsflsa classification: Exempt
supervises: All Employees

The Executive Director/CEO has the following responsibilities:


  1. In-service new Officers, Directors, Committee Chairs and Coordinators.
  2. Collect and prepare reports for the membership.
  3. Serve as ex-officio member of all committees.
  4. Oversee all professional activities of the Association.
  5. Assist members in job placement.
  6. Initiate and sponsor research and scholarly writing.
  7. Initiate agendas and attend all Board of Directors’ meetings.
  8. Oversee, manage and develop the headquarters office and staff, field service representatives and governmental relations directors.
  9. Lead the Leadership Institute, in-tact team leadership training, leadership blog and Leadership Day.
  10. Serve as the Executive Director of ILSNA and oversee IASBO management agreement.
  11. Provide IASBO oversight to the NIU/IASBO CSBO contract program and Ed.D. contract program.
  12. Serve as Graduate Faculty Status as an Instructor for NIU and on dissertation committees.
  13. Assist SIU, UIS and Concordia University of Chicago with school finance course development and dissertation committee assignments.
  14. Organize regional groups, train chairs, attend and speak at each regional at least once annually regarding policy, advocacy, and Illinois ASBO events.
  15. Oversee the development, marketing, operation, and content of the Annual Conference.
  16. Assist the President in the selection and contracting of Annual Conference keynotes.
  17. Lead/facilitate the Board of Directors in the Association Strategic Planning Process/Board Retreat
  18. Oversee the execution and report at each Board meeting progress on Strategic Plans and SMART Goals.
  19. Oversee the Joint Annual Conference (Triple I) content and format with IASB and IASA.


  1. Oversee the development of the annual budget with the Chief Financial Officer and Treasurer.
  2. Be responsible for all monies on a day-to-day operational basis, approve bills, invest surplus money, and approve monthly reports to be distributed to the Board of Directors.
  3. Ensure that an independent annual audit of accounts is conducted.
  4. Ensure filing of all financial reports required by the U.S. Treasury and various state agencies.
  5. Determine all association staff salaries, titles, roles, and organizational reporting with the Chief Financial Officer.
  6. Oversee all contracts and legal reviews with the Chief Financial Officer.
  7. Award all grants and scholarships through the Foundation.
  8. Oversee all non-dues programs.
  9. Allocate pCard rebates in conjunction with the IASBO/BMO agreement.


  1. Oversee the development and publication of all printed and online content and social media communications including, but not limited to website, UPDATE, Insider, and P2P.
  2. Have a personal social media presence related to leadership and advocacy.
  3. Oversee all notices, announcements, calls to action and legislative alerts to members.
  4. Facilitate and lead the Editorial Advisory Committee and the Delegate Advisory Assembly
  5. Recruit and edit all articles for the Journal of School Business Management
  6. Be the primary spokesperson to ad hoc committees, regional groups and Professional Development Committees.
  7. Lead the Foundation Governing Board and marketing of the Foundation.
  8. Speak at IASBO, ASBO International and IASA conferences and regional meetings.
  9. Develop and facilitate Lunch & Learn sessions, micro-credentials and other online content.
  10. Serve as the primary policy contact to the ISBE and legislature/governor.
  11. Testify in legislative hearings on issues related to school business/funding/finance/operations.
  12. Oversee all marketing plans, branding and campaigns in conjunction with the CFO and Director of Marketing.


  1. Encourage and promote membership and oversee the development of membership marketing materials, renewal campaigns, and onboarding.
  2. Ensure that membership lists are up to date.


  1. Serve on or lead the following committees/Board of Directors/Board of Trustees/programs:
    • Advocacy Board Committee
    • Delegate Advisory Assembly (DAA)
    • Service Associate Advisory Committee (SAAC)
    • IEC Powered by Future Green (Board and Marketing Agreement)
    • Illinois School District Liquid Asset Fund Plus (ISDLAF+) (Trustee and Marketing Agreement)
    • Illinois School Employee Benefit Consortium (ISEBC)
    • Illinois Metropolitan School Employee Benefit Program (MSEBP)
    • Illinois ASBO PCard Program (Manage, negotiate, distribute rebates)


  1. Act as the agent for incorporation papers, including the legal address of the Association.
  2. Prepare corporate records and ensure filing of tax returns.
  3. File legal papers such as exempt corporate act, social security, and sales tax.
  4. Oversee all correspondence for legal review of contracts, policies, handbooks, etc.


  1. Serve as the Association’s official representative to similar educational organizations in the state, including, but not limited to, IASA, IASB, IPA, IASPA, ED-Red, SCOPE, LUDA, IAASE, IGFOA, etc.
  2. Appoint IASBO representatives, participate, and monitor state-wide task forces including the Professional Review Panel for EBF.
  3. Serve as liaison to the Executive Directors of other state ASBO organizations.
  4. Promote school business management with institutions of higher learning.
  5. Represent the Association at local, state, and national meetings.
    Assist, lead or serve the ASBO International Executive Director Group, Large Affiliate Group and Chair the annual Midwest Affiliate meetings.

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