Deputy Superintendent for Administration and Finance

January 20, 2023
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Job Description

Brookline School District

Deputy Superintendent for Administration and Finance

REPORTS TO:  Superintendent of Schools


The Deputy Superintendent for Administration and Finance is responsible for the administration of service driven operations within the Public Schools of Brookline. The Deputy Superintendent serves as a member of senior staff.

Responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Development and implementation of the annual budget
  • Supervision of Administration and Finance Departments:
    • Finance (A/P, Payroll, Special Revenue Funds)
    • Human Resources
    • Building Facilities and Operations
    • Long Range Capital Planning
      • Long range planning and construction projects
      • Real property acquisition – leased classrooms
    • Emergency Response

in conformance with policies established by the School Committee and with the ultimate purpose of providing support to the educational program, in compliance with all town, state, federal and audit regulations.


  1. Prepare and administer the school budget and district financial strategic planning and projection
    • Directs the development of the annual budget within guidelines established by the School Committee and the Superintendent of Schools. The budget will display proposed expenditures consistent with district goals and priorities, along with state and federal mandates
    • Develops a systematic multi-year fiscal plan to provide updated budget assumptions for both short-term and long-term capital and operational expenditures
    • Presents and communicates the budget along with required background and supporting data
    • Serves in an advisory role to the School Committee Finance Subcommittee
    • Supports the School Committee, Superintendent of School, Select Board, Advisory Committee, and their respective subcommittee regarding budget, construction projects, or other school related matters and operations
    • Prepares, maintains and submits, where appropriate, up-to-date state, federal, and Town financial reports on all aspects of the School Department’s operations
  2. Oversee operations and controls
    • Direct and control the annual expenditures, including supervision of the business and payroll offices in the processing of invoices, warrants and payroll
    • Oversee special funds including grants, revolving fund accounts, private funding accounts, Student Activity accounts, gift accounts and scholarship accounts
    • Formulate protocols and procedures to facilitate the operation of the above accounts and in other areas as needed (e.g. collecting and reporting revenue)
    • Safeguard the district’s assets through implementation of internal controls and ensure adequate accounting records to document compliance with local, state, and federal laws and ordinances
    • In collaboration with the Town of Brookline’s Director of Public Buildings, oversee and direct the development of long range physical plant improvements to existing schools as well as the planning of renovations and/or new construction as needed to support the educational programs of the district
  3. Serve as the fiscal agent for all federal, state and private grants associated with the operation of the schools
    • In collaboration with grant managers, approve all budgets within grant proposals prior to submission to outside funding sources and review by the School Committee
    • Negotiate contracts with federal, state and private agencies once the projects have been approved in concept and develop, as needed, sub-contracts with other agencies that will in turn perform under the donations of the particular grant
    • Review all financial transactions and personnel appointments for all grants to ensure compliance with the terms of the grants
    • Be responsible for maintaining financial records for all grants to comply with the various audit requirements of private and public agencies
  4. Oversee the Office of Human Resources 
    • Authorize funding for vacant positions prior to posting internally or externally
    • Serve as a management member to the Negotiations Subcommittee, the School Committee and the Bargaining Committee for any collective bargaining or ad hoc committees
    • Be responsible for compliance with the Civil Service regulations concerning employment, supervision and discharge of all non-instructional personnel
  5. Supervise the operation of the building services, transportation and food services division
    • Working closely with the Director of Facilities and Operations, oversee the work of the building services, transportation and food service divisions
  6. Long Range Capital Planning
    • Oversee and direct the development of long range physical plant improvements to support the educational programs of the school district, including development of fiscal projections and tax impact statements
    • Oversee the contract management, renewal and procurement of leased classroom space for the district, as necessary
    • Serve in an advisory role to the Capital Subcommittee of the School Committee
    • Serve as the school district contact with the Massachusetts School Building Authority
  7. Emergency Response Coordinator
    • Oversee compliance with all safety protocols and requirements in school buildings
    • School Liaison with Police and Fire Department staff on all school safety matters
    • Member of Town of Brookline Emergency Management Team
    • Conduct district staff training and meetings for the coordination, updating, and training of emergency response protocols
    • Member of Emergency Operations Center – Logistics Team
    • Maintain and update the Emergency Response manuals and protocols
  8. Other responsibilities assigned by the Superintendent of Schools
    • Liaison with other town departments including Human Resources, Town Finance,  Police, Fire, Public Buildings Division, Public Works, Information Technology, etc.
    • Work closely with the Deputy Town Administrator on both the annual operating budget and capital budget development
    • Serve as a liaison to other state, municipal and federal agencies in all matters associated with the operation and financial management of the school department
    • Serve as the district Record Access Officer (RAO) under Public Records requests
    • Serve in an advisory role to the Policy Subcommittee of the School Committee
  9. Work with the Deputy Superintendent of Teaching and Learning, the Director of Educational Technology and the Chief Information Officer to the Superintendent
    • Direct the overall information technology activities for the schools, including multi-year planning, budget development and programming, for WEB presence, Student Information Management System (SIMS), Learning Management System (LMS) and all learning, support and data management applications
    • Liaison with the Town/School Information Services including the oversight of Help Desk, relative to support, planning, and integration of technology services for school operations

Supervision and Evaluation Responsibilities:

  • Provide supervision and evaluation of the following staff:
    • Director of Human Resources
    • Director of Operations
    • Program Manager to the Deputy Supt. for Administration and Finance
    • Admin & Finance Staff (Payroll Manager, Payroll Specialist, Budget Analyst & AP Manager, Head Clerk Accounts Payable)
  • Review employee’s performance, provide feedback recommendations and support for development and growth as well as counsels and disciplines staff consistent with system policies and procedures


  • Exceptional communication, presentation, interpersonal and leadership skills
  • Proven ability to work collaboratively with district principals and educational leaders in the development and management of the budget
  • Outstanding administration and management skills
  • Thorough knowledge of MUNIS (financial application) and ability to adapt and learn new software applications that support the service delivery of the Administration and Finance department


  • Five years’ successful administrative experience in business operations and supervisory experience in large, complex organization,
  • Master’s Degree
  • Massachusetts DESE certification required (Business Manager and Superintendent/ Assistant Superintendent of Schools)
  • Willingness to pursue state mandated certificates and registrations
  • Knowledge of federal, state, and local laws, rules and regulations governing school districts in Massachusetts
  • Thorough knowledge of public school finance as required under Education Reform Act (1993), and Municipal Finance Laws promulgated by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts


  • Master’s Degree in School Administration, Public Administration, or Business Administration 5 years experience working in a public school system
  • Sound independent judgment in planning, directing and coordinating the work of professional staff
  • Strong analytical skills
  • Independent judgment
  • Sets priorities, plans ahead and remains proactive
  • Offers solutions to problems; presents new ideas
  • Willingness to work extended hours as needed to meet deadlines


  • Annually by the Superintendent of Schools


  • Non-Aligned/Contract, Salary, 12 months

 ***All employees must be vaccinated and maintain full vaccination as a condition of employment or work as an on-site vendor/contractor, unless they receive approval for a documented medical or religious exemption in accordance with relevant state and/or federal law. For a full copy of the Covid-19 vaccination policy please click here

The Public Schools of Brookline is especially interested in qualified candidates who can contribute through their teaching or practice to the diversity and excellence of the PSB community.

The Public Schools of Brookline is an equal opportunity/affirmative action employer. Members of underrepresented groups and all persons committed to diversity and inclusive excellence are strongly encouraged to apply.