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1 – View Job Posting Options

Before starting a job posting, please explore the job posting options at https://hyasearch.com/submit-job-posting/ . There are currently two job posting options. The first is a free job posting that allows for only Superintendent or CEO level positions to be posted. The second is an unlimted posting package. This package allows as many job postings for Superintendet/CEO or Assistant Superintendent level positions. Included in the unlimited package is the ability to add a detailed description, a unique logo, an associated document, and the organizations twitter handle.

2 – Select Job Posting Package to Start Listing Process

On the Post a Job page, both Basic or Superintendent/CEO and Unlimited Job posting packages are listed. Select the Unlimited Job Posting packages to start building your first job listing package. During the job creation process, an account on HYASearch.com will be created for you. Payment for the Unlimited Job Posting package happens at the end of the process.

3 – Fill in First Job Posting Information

  • Your Email Address:
    • The email address where your account is created at
  • Specific Job Title to Display:
    • This is primary job title that will be displayed to job seekers
  • External “Apply for Job” link:
    • Put in the url where job seekers will actually apply for the job
  • Job Category
    • Select either “Superintendent or CEO” for top-level education jobs, or select “Assistant Superintendent or Chief Officer”
      • Executive level positions only (Above principal level)
  • Job Type
    • Choose the grade range of the job
  • Student Count
    • Enter the student count for the client
  • State/Region for Filters
    • Choose a state and then a region (East, Midwest, West) where the job is located. This is used by candidates to filter and receive alerts to jobs that meet their criteria based on location
  • Geocode Map Location
    • Start typing the physical address of the job location. This field uses autocomplete, click the results that appear below the box to ensure the job appears on the map
  • Detailed Job Description
    • Long text field to allow for a more detailed job description
  • Search Firm
    • If a search firm is running the search and not the hiring organization, enter their name here
  • Additional Document(s)
    • Upload a PDF or Word documents that job seekers can download in relation to this job posting
  • Hiring Organization Name
    • The District/School that is hiring this position
  • Website
    • The hiring organizations website. This allows potential candidates an easy way to research the District/System in more detail
  • Twitter Username
    • Enter the District/System twitter user name with the @ symbol (ex: @hyasearch). Twitter is a great way for prospective applicants to learn more about the client
  • Logo
    • Upload a PNG or JPG of the clients logo to make the listing more visually appealing. PNG is preferred to allow for transparency. Max file size is 3MB
  • Captcha Verification
    • Click the “I’m not a robot” button to confirm this listing isn’t SPAM and is human entered
  • Click the “Preview” button to continue on the next page to view how the listing will appear when live

4 – Preview Job Listing

Preview the listing you just submitted. All information should appear on the page including any logos, documents, location, and description. If the map does not appear on this page, click the “Edit Listing” button at the top of the page to return to the previous page. There, edit the Geocode Map Location field and be sure to click on the suggested locations to allow the system to get the physical location coordinates required for mapping.

If the listing looks as intended, click the “Submit Listing” button at the top of the screen to continue to the billing page.

5 – Submit Billing and Checkout

The billing and checkout page operates like any online store. Complete the billing address information associated with the credit/debit card being used. The payment information can be found at the bottom of the screen in the blue box. Please enter the 16 digit credit card number on the left of the box. To the right, enter the expiration date of the card, and to the very far right, please enter the 3 digit security code often found on the back of the card. If you would like to save this card for future purchases, click the “Save Payment Information to my account” checkbox. All cards are processed through Stripe, the leader in online e-commerce transactions.

It may take a few moments to process the transactions. Please click the, “Place Order” button only once.

6 – Order Successfully Received

When the order successfully goes through the payment processor, you will receive a confirmation email and be directed to the Order Received page. On the Order Received Page, you can print the details of the order, or click the, “View Listing” button to see your job live on the Executive Search board.

7 – View Listing

This is how your job listing appears live on the HYASearch.com executive job board. If you would like to edit the listing or add additional listings, click the “User Page” button found on the top of every page.

Additional Reading – Modify Existing Jobs or Add New Jobs

If you would like to modify your existing job listing after it has been posted, or add new job listings to your purchased package, please read this article, Modify Existing Job Postings