Are you having trouble finding qualified candidates to apply for your open administrative positions?  HYA can help by leveraging our national infrastructure and search capabilities.  School Superintendents and Human Resource Directors look to HYA to assist them in filling their cabinet level positions by:

  • Posting and advertising vacancies

    Start by posting your job on our active searches page.  HYA’s active searches pages gives national exposure for your vacancies and alerts the thousands of education leaders that have HYA accounts about your leadership opportunities!  Post Your Job.

    HYA can also assist you in placing advertisements with key periodicals and organizations.  The HYA staff creates and coordinates all advertisements; all you do is pick the package. 

  • Recruiting candidates

    HYA Associates can recruit candidates for your open positions.  HYA will provide you with a slate of candidates that meet the requirements you set.  It’s that simple; let the HYA national network work for you!

  • Performing background checks

    HYA’s comprehensive background checks are completed by independent third-party investigators and include an executive summary allowing for an analysis of findings, not simply dozens of articles and documents for you to read.

HYA will develop a proposal that matches your needs and budget.  Contact us at