Survey Your Community

Survey Solutions

Learning from Stakeholders’ Collective Wisdom


Measurement and feedback are critical components of a continuous quality improvement framework.  Including stakeholders’ voices in improvement and innovation plans ensures there is a balanced and expanded set of metrics for governance and leadership – beyond student outcomes.    Surveys provide a detailed description of participants’ perceptions of the school experience, with personal interpretation recognized and valued as an important component of any continuous quality improvement framework.  Furthermore, measuring stakeholder satisfaction has shown to help identify problems that might otherwise go unnoticed by organizational leadership, improve public trust in school systems, increase support for future programming and initiatives, and improve the overall climate and culture of the school system.    

HYA’s Survey Solutions provide the following advantages:


  • Encourage participation and honest feedback since a 3rd party firm, and not the school district, is collecting the data,


  • Provide an understanding of participants’ perceptions of the school experience for the purpose of continuous quality school/district improvement,


  • Aggregate the collective wisdom of groups providing powerful information on how to improve,


  • Enhance planning efforts by the board and administration,


  • Create the mechanism for collecting feedback annually,


  • Deploy seamlessly through HYA’s on-line delivery system in multiple languages, and


  • Provide results in an understandable report that can immediately by used the administration and published to stakeholder groups.


All surveys employ a research-based approach, can have district/school specific customized questions, and allow for open ended response questions.  World languages are available.

  • Executive Search

    HYA’s Leadership Profile survey identifies the goals, needs, and priorities of the school system along with the desired characteristics of its next leader.  A report is provided that is utilized when developing a recruitment material and can be shared with the community. 

  • Strategic Planning/Community Engagement

    The HYA State of District survey disaggregates information by stakeholder group and demographics, and collects information on quality, academic and extra-curricular programming.  The report can be utilized by committees and shared with the community.   

  • Board Self Evaluation

    This instrument was developed to help the Board work together and engage in meaningful discussion on how well it works together on several dimensions.  Responses are aggregated to allow for anonymous and honest evaluation and feedback by individual members. 

  • Superintendent Evaluation

    Designed to help the superintendent grow professionally, this survey ensures the requirement of an annual review is met.  The survey collects data by each board member relative to the research on effective superintendents.   Comments are collected randomly and anonymously.