Applying for a job?

Your HYA account is now active allowing you to click the ‘Apply Now’ button on job posts. For HYA job searches, you will be directed to submit your application through Frontline Education. In order to apply for a job, you must also create an account on Frontline Education.

How do I apply for a job? Click the ‘Apply Now’ button on job posts. For HYA job searches, you will be directed to Frontline Education’s website where applications are submitted. An account is also required on the Frontline Education website to submit your application.

What is Frontline Education? Frontline Education is the website that HYA uses to collect applications for job searches that we conduct.

Is the HYA website account and Frontline Education account connected? No, these are two separate websites and have two different logins.

How do I edit my application? Edits to your application are made on Frontline Education and not on the HYA website.

Does the HYA website and Frontline Education website have the same username and password? No. These accounts are unrelated to each other. It is possible that you used the same username and password for both, but if you decide to update your username or password on either website, it will not automatically update the other website.

Creating a Leadership Profile

Creating a leadership profile on this website has three primary benefits:

  1. Passively explore new career opportunities by setting customized job alerts.
  2. Bookmark jobs you’re interested in.
  3. Express interest in being recruited by HYA associates.

If you are new to HYA, get started by completing your leadership profile.