HYA for Administrators: Executive Coaching

Executive coaching is a crucial part of leadership development.

The single biggest way to impact an organization is to focus on leadership development.

John C. Maxwell

Our executive coaches understand your challenges

HYA offers an executive coaching program that is unique in the coaching industry—featuring respected and successful coaches with deep backgrounds in pre-K through post-high school education. Most of our coaching associates began their careers as teachers and professors around the country, eventually developing into successful school leaders before pursuing additional education and certifications as executive coaches. Our coaches understand the unique challenges facing today’s school leaders and are passionate about shaping and supporting leaders for success that translates into improved student performance and staff and community engagement over time. 

Executive coaching is a targeted leadership development process designed to meet the unique needs of individual leaders and teams. An external leadership coach is a “thought partner” whose specific purpose is to support the development of a leader’s personal and professional potential in concert with the mission, vision, and values of the coaching client’s sponsoring organization. 

Our customized, tailored approach to leadership development is an investment designed to enhance performance and help school leaders gain the leadership competencies and confidence necessary to maximize their impact on their organizations and with their teams. Through the coaching partnership, school leaders gain a heightened level of self-awareness and self-efficacy while strengthening their school leadership competencies as they prepare students for success in school and in life.

Leadership development, when done correctly, has a direct impact on organizational and student success.

Guiding Superintendents on Their Leadership Journey

One can’t truly understand the pressures of the superintendency unless they’ve walked in the shoes. Our clients know HYA’s associates have been in the chair.

You're in Good Company

HYA has been trusted by hundreds of clients, across the nation, to help with a variety of needs.

Leadership Development Insights


The leadership development process typically last one full school year. Most mentors stay with the leader for the entirety of their tenure.

Services include coaching and consultation on a variety of leadership and management responsibilities. Examples include:

  • An immediate sounding board to work through and discuss important decisions and issues
  • A predictable resource for specific issues related to the operations in all departments as needed
  • A neutral third-party
  • Strategies for working collaboratively with boards/trustees
  • Building productive relationships with a wider variety of people
  • Problem solving
  • Development of goals
  • Strategies to identify short and long term needs
  • Self reflection
  • Skill building

HYA is made up of a team of associates who have the executive level knowledge and experience in this intensely political and public position. We understand the unique demands and needs of the position.