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A collaborative and clear approach to superintendent evaluation.

A proper evaluation process will strengthen your board's relationship with the superintendent.

To develop and maintain effective Board-Superintendent relations and provide the Board with an opportunity to determine what it desires to have the Superintendent achieve, goals and the evaluation process must be codified and understood with great clarity. This solution provides the instruments to receive input from individual board members and the mechanisms to efficiently complete the superintendent evaluation.

The Board and Superintendent relationship is critical to the success of the school district. The evaluative process, when done properly, ensures there is a clear understanding of expectations from both parties. The Board only evaluates one person, the Superintendent, and it delegates authority to the Superintendent to direct operations and provide leadership for the district. Thus, the evaluation process is arguably the most important work of the Board.

There is no one correct process for evaluating the superintendent. However, there must be an agreed upon process and instrument(s) for a productive and respectful relationship to exist. At HYA we have developed a process that is congruent with research on Effective Superintendents and is systematic, on-going and timely with a focus on growth and continuous improvement. Our process establishes a framework for productive discussions and provides facilitation for the Board.

Superintendent Evaluation Process

At HYA, we know that your district is unique and we understand that a comprehensive process does not meet the needs of all districts. We will work with your district to build the evaluation that best fits your needs and priorities.

“The process was professional, clear, accommodating, and the [HYA] consultant spoke a lot of wisdom.”

Andy Anderson
Tri-Creek School Corporation

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HYA’s board workshops are designed to clarify superintendent and board roles and strengthen the relationship.

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A typical engagement with HYA to consult on the superintendent evaluation process runs the course of one full school year.

HYA typically facilitates a goal setting meeting with the board and superintendent to begin the evaluation process. Next, HYA facilitates a survey to receive individual board member input regarding the superintendents performance. The superintendent also submits a self-evaluation. The feedback is then aggregated to produce overall ratings and a completed evaluation, ready for the superintendent’s personnel file.

The board only evaluates one person, the superintendent. Thus, this process is the most important work of the board. HYA’s process is congruent with research on effective superintendents and is systemic, ongoing, and timely, with a focus on growth and continuous improvement.