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HYA has signature services including:

  • Executive Search
  • Transition Planning
  • Coaching/Mentoring
  • Board Governance Training
  • Superintendent Evaluation
  • Strategic Planning
  • Community Engagement/Surveys

HYA also provides human resources for district level departments to move critical projects and initiatives forward.

We recommend a search process that includes four phases.  A typical time frame is 4 months.

  • Engage:  Extensive community engagement through in person and virtual focus groups, interviews, and surveys to understand the community’s desires for their next leader.
  • Recruit:  outreach and advertising through HYA’s networks to ensure the widest and most diverse candidate pool.
  • Select:  creation of a slate of candidates for the Board’s review that best matches the leadership profile and desired characteristics developed during the engage phase
  • Transition:  work with the selected leader and board president to review information gained throughout the search process and offer services for transition support, governance and long-range planning.

The Board interviews a slate of candidates vetted by HYA. It is rare that a candidate will be interviewed by the Board that was not slated by HYA. The Board’s decision to hire or not hire a particular candidate is at the sole discretion of the Board; and the Board takes responsibility for that decision. HYA’s satisfaction guarantees apply to HYA slated candidates.

HYA Associates and the firm are actively engaged in advancing our nation’s policies and HYA’s practice to ensure equal opportunities for every student. Our HYA experts ensure the firm stays connected to the efforts and emerging practices to further equity initiatives and prepare and recruit persons of color for top leadership positions. HYA always works to provide a slate of candidates that is representative of the student demographics in a school district. We do so by proactively reaching out to minority candidates. HYA is represented by 135+ Associates from various demographic communities in the United States; all actively recruit for our clients. HYA is proud of the diversity of candidates hired with its assistance, including individuals of varied racial, gender, ethnic, cultural, sexual orientation, and religious backgrounds.  

Many HYA associates serve on state and national boards for minority educational organizations such as the Association of Latino Administrators and Superintendents (ALAS) and the National Alliance of Black School Educators (NABSE) and their state affiliates at the local level. These associates are aware of current and up-and-coming educational leaders who might be appropriate candidates for the districts we serve.  

HYA has a long standing partnership with ALAS (Association of Latino Administrators and Superintendents); HYA has placed their last 3 Executive Directors and networks and presents at their conferences as part of our partnership to advance leaders of color into top education leadership positions.

Finally, HYA’s Associates are currently working with institutions across the country to advance their equity initiatives through strategic planning, audits and professional development.  This work also informs the firm and advances our policies and practices.

HYA is a network of independent education experts that work for Boards of Education and Administrators to recruit and develop great leaders, plan for the future, and provide additional human resources to move critical projects and initiatives forward.

We envision every school system to have effective leaders, definitive plans, and a focus on student outcomes to change the trajectory of a school system and ultimately a student’s life. 

HYA’s vision is grounded to our guiding principle: Every child has the fundamental right to equal educational opportunities no matter their race, socioeconomic status, or geographic location.

HYA Associates and the firm are actively engaged in advancing our nation’s policies and HYA’s practice to ensure equal opportunities for every student.

  • HYA does everything it can to vet candidates
  • HYA is transparent with our boards, sharing everything we know about candidates under consideration
  • HYA engages in multiple reference checks beyond those in the candidate’s list
  • HYA clients can select a 3rd party investigative background check to uncover as much information as is available which includes social media review
  • State laws vary with regard to access to personnel information and files
  • The availability of background information on a candidate varies greatly based on his/her experience.

It is not always possible to uncover all issues that a candidate may have in their background if issues are not public and references are not forthright. Board’s have hired candidates even though HYA has raised concerns or presented red-flag information from a background check. Given our over 2000 searches and 35 years of experience, it is extremely rare that a material issue surfaces regarding a candidate’s background after the superintendent has been hired.

Who We Are

HYA is a network of independent education experts that work for boards/trustees and administrators to recruit and develop great leaders, plan for the future, and provide additional human resources to move critical projects and initiatives forward.

We envision every school system to have effective leaders, definitive plans, and a focus on student outcomes to change the trajectory of a school system and ultimately a child’s life. HYA’s vision is grounded to our guiding principle: Every child has the fundamental right to equal educational opportunities no matter their race, socioeconomic status, or geographic location.
HYA Associates and the firm are actively engaged in advancing our nation’s policies and HYA’s practice to ensure equal opportunities for every student.

HYA History

Hazard, Young, Attea and Associates (HYA) is a network of independent education consultants across the nation. This independent network has made HYA the preeminent education consulting firm with over 35 years of executive search and education consulting experience.

Since 1987, HYA has provided support for education leaders to employ school executives, address issues related to student performance, and support aspects of education operations.

HYA serves educational systems across the nation, large and small, urban and rural. HYA Associates are located all across the country to conveniently serve clients with a local focus, but with national reach.

With a proven track record, deep roots in executive search and leadership development, sector knowledge to drive strategic planning and a national lens, HYA partners with schools and their leaders to improve education.

Quotes from HYA Leadership

The quotes below may be used, in their entirety, or not at all, in articles and publications.

“While closed confidential searches usually result in a significantly larger pool of applicants with superintendent experience, HYA’s successful and proven recruitment strategies bring highly qualified candidates to even the most public, open search.”

Max McGee, Ph.D. – HYA President

“HYA does not believe that “if you post it, they will come;” rather we aggressively recruit candidates from across the nation. In fact one of our distinguishing differences from other search firms is that we use our vast network of associates to recruit candidates.”

Bill Adams, Ed.D. – HYA Vice President

“HYA’s extensive network of diverse associates enables us to reach out to experienced and aspiring superintendents of color. Approximately one third of HYA associates are people of color and women represent half of our associate network. Our firm excels at bringing boards balanced slates of men and women and with the racial-ethnic diversity that represents their communities.”

Constance R. Collins, Pd.D. – HYA Senior Associate

“Successful superintendents have many viable choices as to where they want to work and what process they are willing to follow as they consider new positions. They are also interviewing the Board as much as the Board is interviewing them.”

Mike Richie, Ed.D. – HYA Senior Associate

Recent Clients

2018 to Present


  • Homewood City School District
  • Huntsville City Schools


  • Galena City School District


  • Arizona Department of Administration
  • Chandler Unified School District
  • Deer Valley Unified School District
  • Laveen Elementary School District
  • Litchfield Elementary School District #79
  • Madison Elementary School District #38
  • Mesa Public Schools
  • Phoenix Union High School District
  • State of Arizona Department of Education
  • Tempe Union High School District


  • Anaheim Elementary School District
  • Bonny Doon Elementary School District
  • Carmel Unified School District
  • Cupertino Union School District
  • Discovery Charter Schools
  • Dublin Unified School District
  • El Rancho Unified School District
  • Glendale Unified School District
  • Hollister School District 
  • Jefferson Union High School District
  • Lafayette School District
  • Las Lomitas Elementary School District
  • Lawndale Elementary School District
  • Live Oak School District
  • Loma Prieta Joint Union Elementary 0622350
  • Los Angeles Unified School District
  • Los Gatos-Saratoga Union High School District
  • Los Gatos Union Elementary
  • Montecito Union School District
  • Moraga School District
  • Mountain View-Los Altos High School District
  • Mountain View School District
  • North Monterey County Unified School District
  • Oakland Unified School District 
  • Oceanside Unified School District
  • Ocean View School District
  • Orinda Union School District
  • Oxford Preparatory Academy
  • Palo Alto Unified School District
  • Pasadena Unified School District
  • Perris Union High School District
  • Placentia-Yorba Linda Unified School District
  • Pleasanton Unified School District
  • Portola Valley School District 
  • Rescue Union School District
  • Rincon Valley Union School District
  • Roseland School District
  • Salinas City Elementary School District
  • San Bruno Park School District
  • San Carlos School District
  • San Diego County Office of Education
  • San Dieguito Union High School District
  • San Francisco Unified School District
  • San Mateo County Office of Education 
  • San Mateo Union High School District
  • Santa Clara County Office of Education
  • San Ysidro School District
  • Saratoga Union School District
  • Solana Beach Elementary School District
  • Sonoma Valley Unified School District
  • Temecula Valley School District
  • The Foundation for Hispanic Education
  • Union Elementary School District
  • University of Southern California


  • Academy School District 20
  • Aspen Hope Center
  • Aspen School District
  • Aspen Valley Ski and Snowboard Club
  • Aurora Public Schools
  • Clearwater Construction Management Incorporated
  • Colorado State Board of Education
  • Denver Public Schools
  • Eagle County Schools
  • Garfield School District Re-2
  • Hayden School District
  • Jefferson County School District No. R-1
  • Littleton Public Schools
  • Poudre School District RE-1
  • Odyssey School of Denver
  • Pueblo School District No. 60
  • Roaring Fork School District RE-1
  • Rocky Mountain School of Expeditionary
  • Strasburg School District 31J
  • Vista Charter School


  • Fairfield Public Schools
  • New Milford Public Schools
  • Norwalk Public Schools
  • Regional School District 14

District of Columbia

  • Association of Latino Administrators & Superintendents (ALAS)
  • Mundo Verde Bilingual Public Charter Schools
  • Next Step Public Charter School


  • Capital School District


  • Collier County Public Schools
  • Duval County Public Schools
  • School District of Indian River County


  • Atlanta Public Schools 
  • Clarke County School District
  • DeKalb County School District
  • Fulton Country Schools


  • Ames Community School District
  • Ankeny Community School District
  • Cedar Rapids Community School District
  • Davenport Community Schools
  • Heartland Area Education Agency
  • Iowa Association of School Boards (IASB)
  • West Des Moines Community Schools


  • Blaine County School District #61


  • Altamont CUSD #10
  • Asian Human Services
  • Aurora East Unified School District 131
  • Avoca School District 37
  • Benjamin School District 25
  • Bensenville School District 2
  • Brookwood School District 167
  • Chicago Public Schools (CPS)
  • Christopher House Schools
  • Community Consolidated School District 59
  • Community Consolidated School District 89
  • Community Consolidated School District 93
  • Community High School District 94
  • Decatur Public School District 61
  • Deerfield Public School District 109
  • Elgin Math and Science Academy
  • Elmhurst Community School District 205
  • Fenwick High School
  • Forest Park School District 91
  • Freeport School District 145
  • Galesburg Community Unit School District 205
  • Geneva Community Unit School District 304
  • Glenbrook High School District 225
  • Harvard Community Unit School District 50
  • Harvey School District 152
  • Holy Family Ministries
  • Hoover-Schrum Memorial School District 157
  • Huntley Community School District 158
  • Illinois Association of School Boards (IASB)
  • Illinois Association of School Business Officials (IASBO)
  • Illinois Math & Science Academy IMSA
  • Intercultural Montessori Language School
  • Kenilworth School District 38
  • Kirby School District 140
  • Lake Forest Elementary School District 67
  • Lake Forest High School District 115
  • Large Unit District Association (LUDA)
  • Lincolnshire-Prairieview School District 103
  • Lyons School District 103
  • Lyons Township High School District 204
  • McHenry High School District 156
  • Minooka Community COnsolidated School District 201
  • Naperville Community Unit School District 203
  • New Trier Township High School District 203
  • Niles Township High School District 219
  • Northern Kane Education Cooperative
  • Northbrook School District 27
  • North Shore School District 112
  • Northwest Suburban Special Education Organization (NSSEO)
  • Oak Grove School District 68
  • Oak Lawn-Hometown School District 123
  • Oak Park and River Forest School District 200
  • Oak Park Elementary District 97
  • Passages Charter School
  • Pleasantdale School District 107
  • Proviso Township High School District 209
  • Schaumburg School District 54
  • School District U-46 (Elgin)
  • South Holland School District 150
  • Special Education District of McHenry County
  • St. Charles Community Unit School District 303
  • Steger School District 194
  • The School Association for Special Education in DuPage County (SASED)
  • Township High School District 211
  • Township High School District 214
  • Troy Community Consolidated School District 30-C
  • West Aurora School District 129
  • Westchester Public Schools 92 1/2
  • Winnetka School District 36
  • Woodstock Community Unit School District 200
  • Yorkville Community Unit School District 115
  • Zion Elementary School District 6


  • Carmel Clay Schools
  • Fort Wayne Community Schools
  • South Bend Community School Corporation
  • Vigo County School Corporation


  • Derby Public Schools
  • Goddard School District


  • Ohio Valley Educational Cooperative


  • Andover Public Schools
  • Curriculum Associates Inc.
  • Lawrence Public Schools
  • New Bedford Public Schools
  • Newton Public Schools


  • Anne Arundel County School District
  • Baltimore Public Schools
  • Calvert County Public Schools
  • Dorchester County Public Schools
  • Frederick County Public Schools
  • Maryland State Department of Education 
  • Montgomery County Public Schools
  • Prince George’s County Public Schools


  • Lavinia Group
  • Michigan
  • Birmingham Public Schools
  • Traverse City Area Public Schools


  • Ann Arbor Public Schools
  • Midland Public Schools
  • Oxford Community School District


  • Faribault Public Schools
  • Rochester Public Schools
  • St. Francis Area Schools District


  • Brentwood School District
  • Center School District
  • Hazelwood School District
  • Kirkwood School District
  • Maplewood-Richmond Heights School District


  • Ocean Springs School District
  • Starkville Oktibbeha School District


  • Helena Public Schools
  • Billings Public School District 2

North Carolina

  • Warren County Schools


  • Lincoln Public Schools
  • Omaha Public Schools
  • Sioux City Public Schools


  • Clark County School District

New Hampshire

  • Hopkinton School District

New Jersey

  • Bayonne School District
  • Berkeley Heights Public Schools
  • Cherry Hill Public Schools
  • College Achieve Central Charter School
  • Collingswood Public School District
  • Cumberland Charter School Network
  • East Brunswick Public Schools
  • East Orange School District
  • Edison Township Public Schools
  • Hillsborough Township Public Schools
  • Holmdel Township Public Schools
  • Hunterton Regional High School
  • Lakewood Public School District
  • Lawrence Township Public Schools
  • Madison Public Schools
  • Middlesex County Vocational and Technical Schools
  • Montgomery Township School District
  • Moorestown Public Schools
  • NJ Interscholastic Athletic Association
  • Paterson Public School District
  • Pemberton Township Schools
  • Plainfield School District
  • Princeton Public Schools
  • Ramapo Indian Hills Regional High School District
  • Ridgefield School District
  • Rumson-Fair Haven Regional HSD
  • Somerset Hills Regional School District
  • South Orange-Maplewood School District
  • Summit Public Schools
  • Township of Union Public Schools
  • Verona Public Schools
  • Voorhees Township Public School District
  • Washington Township Public School District
  • Watchung Borough School District
  • Willingboro Township Public Schools


  • Clark County Schools

New Mexico

  • Albuquerque Public Schools
  • Aldo Leopold Charter School
  • Cobre Consolidated School District

New York

  • Ardsley Union Free School Dsitrict
  • Baldwin Union Free School District
  • Bedford Central School District
  • Capitol Region BOCES
  • Chappaqua Central School District 
  • Dobbs Ferry School District 
  • Edgemont School District
  • Florida Union Free School District
  • Garden City Union Free School District
  • Greenburgh-Graham Union Free School District
  • Greenwood Lake Union Free School District
  • Harrison Central School District
  • Hempstead Union Free School District
  • Hudson City School District
  • Irvington Union Free School District
  • Kotonah-Lewisboro Union Free School District
  • Malverne Union Free School District
  • Mamaroneck Union Free School District
  • Mount Pleasant Central School District
  • Newburgh Enlarged City School District
  • New Paltz Central School District
  • North Salem Central School District
  • Nyack Public Schools
  • Oyster Bay – East Norwich Central School District 
  • Pelham Public Schools (formerly Pelham Union Free SD)
  • Port Washington Union Free School District
  • Rockville Centre School District
  • Scarsdale Public Schools
  • Sewanhaka Central High School District
  • South Orangetown Central School District
  • Sullivan County BOCES
  • Syracuse City School District
  • Tarrytowns, The Public School District of the
  • Tr-State Consortium
  • Valhalla Union Free School District
  • Valley Stream Central High School District
  • White Plains Public Schools
  • Yonkers Public Schools


  • Columbus City Schools
  • Orange City School District 
  • Upper Arlington City Schools
  • Westerville City Schools
  • Wyoming City Schools
  • Youngstown City Schools 


  • Greater Albany Public Schools
  • Klamath Falls City Schools
  • Lebanon Community Schools
  • Linn Benton Lincoln ESD
  • Medford School District 549C
  • Portland Public Schools
  • Redmond School District


  • Allentown School District
  • Boyertown Area School District
  • Centennial School District
  • Chambersburg Area School District
  • Cheltenham School District
  • Chester Community Charter School
  • Lower Merion School District
  • Mt. Lebanon School District
  • North Penn School District
  • Phoenixville Area School District
  • Pottsgrove School District
  • Reading School District
  • Widener University/Partnership Charter School

Rhode Island

  • Barrington Public Schools
  • Providence Public School Department

South Carolina

  • Beaufort County School District
  • Florence School District

South Dakota

  • Southeast Technical College


  • Memphis Shelby County Schools


  • Clear Creek Independent School District
  • Crowley Independent School District 
  • Ector County Independent School District
  • Fort Bend ISD
  • Fort Worth ISD
  • Garland Independent School District
  • Georgetown Independent School District
  • Highland Park Independent School District
  • Houston Independent SD
  • Judson Independent School District
  • Lancaster ISD
  • Promesa Academy Charter School
  • Richardson Independent School District
  • Schneider Electric


  • Park City School District


  • Alexandria City Public Schools
  • American Association of School Administrators (AASA)
  • AM LLC
  • Arlington Public Schools
  • Bedford County Public Schools
  • Charlottesville City Schools
  • Chesterfield County School District
  • Clark County Public Schools
  • Danville City Public Schools
  • Education Employees Retirement System of Fairfax (ERFC)
  • Fairfax County Public Schools
  • Loudoun County Public Schools
  • Richmond Public Schools
  • Stafford County Public Schools
  • Virginia Beach City Public Schools


  • Central Kitsap Schools
  • Coupeville School District
  • Eatonville School District
  • Griffin School District #324
  • Highline School District 
  • Hood Canal School District
  • Longview School District
  • Manson School District
  • Monroe School District
  • North Beach School District
  • Onalaska School District
  • Pioneer School District
  • Richland School District 400
  • Riverview School District
  • Seattle Public Schools
  • Southside School District
  • Taholah School District
  • Tahoma School District
  • Wenatchee School District 


  • Cedar Grove-Belgium School District
  • Cedarburg School District
  • Colby School District
  • De Pere Unified School District
  • Fond du Lac School District 
  • Gibraltar Area School District
  • Green Bay Area School District
  • Johnson Creek School District
  • Manitowoc Public School District
  • Maple Dale-Indian Hill School District
  • Monona Grove School District
  • Mosinee School District
  • Neenah Joint School District
  • Pittsville Public School District
  • Port Washington-Saukville School District
  • Racine Unified School District
  • Raymond No, 14 School District
  • Rosholt School District
  • School District of Cambridge
  • School District of Janesville
  • School District of Menomonee Falls
  • School District of Monroe
  • School District of New Richmond
  • School District of Tomahawk
  • Stratford School District
  • Tomorrow River School District
  • Verona Area School District
  • Watertown Unified School District
  • Wauwatosa School District
  • Whitewater Unified School District
  • Wisconsin Heights School District
  • Yorkville Joint #2 School District


  • Sheridan County School District 2

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