HYA for Boards: Board Workshops

Board workshops designed to clarify superintendent and board roles and strengthen the relationship.

Successful collaboration at board workshops have contributed to some of the longest superintendent tenures.

Board Workshop Process

At HYA, we know that your district is unique and we understand that a comprehensive process does not meet the needs of all districts. We will work with your district to build a board workshop that best fits your needs.

“Very professional and capable. Your team was able to navigate a very difficult board to come to a mutually agreed choice.”

John Butto
Ramapo Indian Hills

You're in Good Company

HYA has been trusted by hundreds of districts, across the nation, to help with a variety of needs.

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Board workshops include the following:

  • Board self-evaluation via survey instrument
  • A review of the district’s vision, mission, and guiding principles
  • A review of the board’s strategic plan, if available
  • Review of best practices regarding trusteeship and governance
  • Ensuring the superintendent’s goals are aligned with the strategic plan
  • The establishment of protocols between the board and superintendent to ensure effective relations
  • Identify issues that impact progress
  • Other consulting services as needed

A board workshop is typically a two day engagement.

HYA recommends an associate that is a best match for your district. The board is welcome to interview multiple associates and choose the best fit.