HYA for Administrators & Boards: Safe Learning Environments

Helping School Districts Establish Safe Learning Environments

School safety impacts student achievement outcomes. We help districts make informed decisions regarding policy and best practices.

Safe Learning Environment Services

At HYA, we know that your district is unique and we understand that a comprehensive process does not meet the needs of all districts. We will work with your district to build a consulting strategy that best fits your needs.

Professional Development Workshops

Decisions regarding safe learning environments are the most important policy and procedure decisions made at a school district. Specifically created for school board members and other district leaders, this program provides attendees with a thorough understanding of critical safety and security, and mental health best practices allowing for better informed decision making.

Safe Learning Environment Policy Review

An independent review and evaluation of existing safety and security policies and procedures. Professional recommendations will be made based upon review findings. Often, this service is completed in tandem with Professional Development Workshops.

Custom Training Videos

HYA facilitates the creation of custom videos (using your policies, maps, directions, and communications) to address today’s greatest challenges. Training videos will be created to the specifications of your district’s needs and objectives. A sampling of topics include but not limited to situational awareness, social media risks, anti-bullying, grieving and bereavement, violent threat indicators and much more.

Products/Solutions Evaluation

Before committing to new systems and hardware, receive expert evaluation of existing or prospective solutions to inform decisions and coherence with policy and best practice. Prior to the purchase of items such as door locks, trauma kits, AEDs, surveillance hardware and software, weapons detection, emergency notification systems, visitor access, etc, HYA assists the administration in compiling the pros and cons of vendors, products, and services through an expert lens.

Safety impacts learning.

Partner with HYA to conduct your district's next leadership search for a school safety leader. Uniquely positioned within this specialized field, our expertise coupled with over 6,000 candidates registered on our website, and a network spanning the United States, our associates will help place the right person at your district.


Michael A. Yorio

HYA associate, Michael A. Yorio, leads the Safe Learning Environments Collaborative. With over two decades of experience, Michael has an extensive background in national school safety and security and education management.

Safe Learning Environment Resources

For Boards of Education and school district leaders, ensuring a safe learning environment is a multifaceted responsibility that impacts every aspect of …

As a school district leader, creating and implementing school policies that foster safe learning environments is a significant undertaking. These policies are …


Workshops include the following:

  • Review of best practices to create safe learning environments
  • Establish a definition of what a safe learning environment means in your local context
  • Understand the role of policies and procedures in establishing safety measures
  • Provision resources
  • Establish needed community resources and connections
  • Advise on necessary team members
  • Other consulting services as needed

A safe learning environment is one where students and staff feel physically, emotionally, and psychologically secure. It includes measures to prevent physical harm, bullying, discrimination, and any other threats to student and staff well-being.

The Safe Learning Environment Workshop goes through the myriad of ways student and staff safety can remain top of mind for all leaders in the school system. The goal is to provide district leaders with knowledge and guidance to help establish guidelines and protocols that help create safe learning environments.

No. HYA does not endorse any unaffiliated products or services related to safe learning environments. The review will be based on industry best practices and life safety codes by our Chief Associate, Safe Learning Environments.