HYA for Boards and Administrators: Strategic Planning

Strategic Plans create a clear and compelling vision for student success.

I am hard pressed to think of any organization that has sustained some measure of greatness in the absence of goals, values, and missions that become deeply shared throughout the organization.

Peter Senge

A strategic plan helps move your organization closer to the realization of your optimal future.

Plans live or die in  implementation. Research suggests that  90% of organizations fail to successfully implement thier strategies. HYA’s model supports administrators as they develop, implement, and monitor the living strategic plan.

Strategic Planning Process


Articulate and document the organization’s reason for being, its aspirations, core beliefs and philosophies.

Mission, Vision, & Guiding Principles

Research and synthesize the current state of reality in the context of the mission and vision.

Research & Findings

Boards/Trustees and Administration

Operationalize the mission and vision into general intentions that reflect the desired future position of the organization.

Strategic Goals

Determine leverage points and strategies necessary to accomplish the goals while staying true to the mission and values.



Delineate specific steps and timelines necessary to implement each of the objectives.

Strategies & Implementation Plan

Develop the information systems necessary to monitor adherence to tactics and action plans.

Monitor & Evaluate

When is it time to update your district’s strategic plan?

Learn how Laurens County School District 55 in South Carolina made adjustments to their strategic plan with community involvement and after reviewing district data.

Strategic plans are the unifying wrapper for all goal setting.

When the collective efforts and energy of an entire school system is focused on the strategic plan, the goals are realized and the culture transformed. Learn how this happened in RSD17.

“The intimate knowledge our facilitators had of our district, made the training that much more effective.”

Tess Arthur
Carmel Unified

Strategic Monitoring

HYA offers districts a comprehensive online Strategic Dashboard solution.

A strategic dashboard is a powerful tool for school leaders to tell their story and track strategic indicators and priorities.


Introduce the mission and vision in a multimedia format.

Strategic Indicators

Measure progress towards the vision through key performance indicators and benchmarks.


Monitor implementation of goals and objectives and provide transparency to the board and community regarding progress.

You're in Good Company

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Strategic Planning Insights


A typical strategic planning process runs the course of one full school year.

The key components of a strategic plan include:

  • Community engagement/stakeholder satisfaction
  • Environmental scan
  • Mission, vision, and guiding principles
  • Three to five strategic goals
  • Strategies (objectives) necessary to accomplish the goals
  • Implementation/action plan

HYA facilitates the implement and evaluate phase, including the updating of key performance indicators, for the remaining years of the plan. We provide on going support and help update metrics.