Dr. Rony Ortega Selected to Lead as the Next Superintendent of South Sioux City Community Schools

"We really had a talented slate of finalists, each candidate brought high-caliber educational knowledge and community relations."

School board Vice President, Chris Krueger

Dr. Rony Ortega was selected to lead as the next Superintendent of South Sioux City Community Schools starting July 1, 2023. The community school district educates about 3,700 students in the suburbs of Dakota County, Nebraska. Dr. Ortega will finish out the school year at Bryan High School in Omaha, Nebraska where he has been serving as principal for the past four years.

Ortega has gained a wealth of knowledge and experience in his 20 years serving in education. He has held a variety of positions in diverse populations, working in both affluent and economically disadvantaged communities, communities where the predominant language is English, and those where it is Spanish. “I have developed the skills to bring diverse people together to coalesce around improving schools and student outcomes,” stated Dr. Ortega. He considers himself a versatile leader who can adapt his leadership style to meet the needs of the people, situations, and circumstances. In a public interview, Ortega indicated to the school board that the strengths he brings to the district will complement the challenges faced by the South Sioux City Community Schools. He looks forward to establishing, nurturing, and leveraging relationships to improve outcomes for all students.

“From the beginning, I felt comfortable and confident in the search process conducted by Mike Richie with HYA,” commented Dr. Ortega. HYA wishes to extend thanks to the South Sioux City Community Schools for putting their trust in the HYA firm. “The South Sioux City School District was amazing to work with throughout the entire search process. While spending a day in the district and conducting 16 focus groups throughout the search process, the hospitality and professionalism received from the district was phenomenal,” stated HYA lead associate Mike Richie.

“We really had a talented slate of finalists, each candidate brought high-caliber educational knowledge and community relations,” school board Vice President, Chris Krueger, declared.*

HYA’s Mike Richie stated, “At the end of the day, the Board had four finalists that matched the desired fit the district was looking for based on the Leadership Profile Report.”

“The superintendency is the capstone to my American Dream, and I look forward to the opportunity to ensure the next generation can achieve their American Dream, too,” declared the new superintendent. HYA looks forward to following the leadership of the school district as they help students turn dreams into reality.


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