Executive Coaching for Educational Leaders

This article was originally posted to Dr. Catherine Finger’s website. Visit her website, ‘Loving the Leading,’ for additional information about her executive coaching experience and for more valuable insights into executive coaching for school district leaders.

What attracted you into the field of education in the first place? Educational leaders cite deeply held beliefs about the critical importance of a quality education to “level the playing field” and provide and equip students with opportunities and options throughout their K-12 journey and beyond. Many of us were drawn to education because we love children—and we love watching the discovery process through their precious minds and hearts. We have had the privilege of tending to the first embers of a student’s life-long enchantment with the arts. We have walked amongst struggling students and shared their joy as they first found meaning in texts, signs, symbols and found their voice through the power of the written word.  We witnessed the powerful transformation that only education can bring, empowering students to leap into new ways of thinking, seeing, and believing as their words became worlds.

Loving the Leading is a call back to what drew you into education in the first place. What values and beliefs do you hold that fuel your commitment to your work as an educational leader? How could engaging a certified, professional coach support you professionally and personally as you begin another challenging school year?

Engaging with an executive coach supports you as you shoulder the burden of leadership in today’s complex environment.  The coaching process provides a confidential thought partnership designed to guide you through research-backed information, practices, assessments, and conversations emerging from your unique areas of interest.  Together we will generate professional and personal growth goals and develop action plans to achieve those goals while providing accountability and support.

School District Executive Coaching

HYA offers an executive coaching program that is unique in the coaching industry—featuring respected and successful coaches with deep backgrounds in pre-K through post-high school education. Most of our coaching associates began their careers as classroom teachers around the country, eventually developing into successful school leaders at the building and district levels before pursuing additional education and certifications as executive coaches.

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