Carolyn McKennan, Ed.D.
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Dr. Carolyn McKennan has school leadership experience in both California and Montana. She was Director of Curriculum and Instruction and a school principal in Montana. She spent sixteen years as Superintendent of Schools in two districts in California as well as being an Associate and Assistant Superintendent in two district. Her fellow California superintendents elected her President, Superintendents Council, Association of California School Administrators, President, California City School Superintendents Association and Chairperson, Mentor New Superintendent’s Workshop, Association of California School Administrators.

Upon retirement, Dr. McKennan joined HYA & Associates as an associate, Senior Associate, and President of the West Coast Division. She was twice a member of the Los Angeles Unified School District search team and the Seattle Public Schools superintendent search.

Dr. Carolyn McKennan serves as Senior Associate of HYA. During her 17 years with the firm she has completed over 80 searches including twice for the Los Angeles Unified School District and twice for Seattle Public Schools.

  • Montana State University, Billings, BA Special Education
  • Montana State University, Billings, MS Educational Administration
  • University of Southern California, Ed.D. Policy Planning & Administration

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