Lakecia A Whimper, MA
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Lakecia Whimper’s expertise fall within program evaluation, project management and strategic planning. She has more than 15 years experience in education and child welfare. Whimper has been vital in project managing technology solutions projects that utilize various framework utilizing agile project management to deliver quality products to clients. Whimper was instrumental as the lead to design and implement a performance management system for the Illinois Board of Education’s (ISBE) Illinois Center for School Improvement that tracked and assessed the impact of Illinois CSI’s in offering Statewide System of Support (SSoS) services in school districts throughout the state. She analyzed, diagnosed and recommended solutions and supportive interventions to Illinois CSI staff as they assist struggling school districts and collaborate with school district leaders, teachers, community members and other stakeholders to assess the overall effectiveness of school improvement services. Further, Whimper lead and supported various initiatives within Chicago Public Schools (CPS) such as the development of CPS’s five-year action plan, which included continuous improvement processes and implementation of an effective performance management process to improve student achievement. Whimper instrumental in collaborating with senior leadership in the development and implementation of an automated Early Warning System for CPS students in grades 3 through 12 to identify when students need additional support to successfully complete school and advance. She has presented information about this groundbreaking system at national conferences and has provided input for a national best practices publication “On Track for Success” (Civic Enterprises, 2011), which directs school districts nationwide in the development and implementation of their own early warning systems. These dynamic roles have allowed Whimper to coalesce her career interest. Whimper has made significant contributions in research by publishing her insights in peer￾reviewed journal articles focusing on children and youth who have experienced or been exposed to violence. Whimper earned a bachelor’s degree in applied psychology from Loyola University Chicago, a master’s degree in human service administration from Concordia University Chicago, and is currently pursuing a doctoral degree in research methodology from Loyola University Chicago. She is a UCAN Board of Directors – Advisory Board member, a Chicago-based non￾profit dedicated to serving youth who have suffered from trauma and an Associate Board member at New Moms Inc that supports young mothers transitioning into adulthood break the cycle of poverty.

  • Loyola University Chicago, BS Applied Psychology
  • Concordia University Chicago, MA Human Service Administration
  • Loyola University Chicago, ABD Research Methods

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