LeAnne Salazar Montoya, Ph.D.

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Dr. LeAnne Salazar Montoya holds a PhD from New Mexico State University and has over 20 years of school leadership experience. Dr Salazar Montoya current serves as an assistant professor at The University of Nevada Las Vegas, is a member of AASA, ALAS, and AERA to name a few. She has recently joined HYA as an associate and hopes to bring her experience as a superintendent, researcher, and longtime educator to HYA.

Dr. Salazar Montoya is a fervent champion for equity, dedicating significant efforts to promote diversity and inclusion studies. Through pioneering leadership pipeline initiatives, she has actively worked to dismantle barriers hindering underrepresented groups. Her commitment extends beyond rhetoric, as she consistently advocates for tangible actions that foster a more inclusive environment. Dr. Montoya’s impactful contributions make her a beacon of inspiration in the pursuit of equitable and diverse spaces.

As an associate of HYA, she strategically plans to integrate her extensive education, leveraging advanced degrees and specialized knowledge to enhance the organization’s overall expertise. Drawing upon a wealth of professional experience, she aims to contribute valuable insights and innovative solutions to HYA. Her commitment to professionalism is evident through a proven track record of successful initiatives in her previous roles, and she intends to bring this same dedication to further elevate HYA’s standing in its field. With a holistic approach, she envisions aligning her skills with the organization’s goals for sustained growth and success.

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