Lynn Marie Burks, Ph.D.
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Dr. Lynn Marie Burks is an accomplished 30-year education professional with a Ph.D. in Leadership and Human Resource Studies from Colorado State University, demonstrating a proven track record in implementing effective evaluation methodologies, including program assessment, feasibility studies, and comprehensive curriculum planning, executive searchers, extensive experience encompasses workforce development and includes specialized expertise in people development, digitized teaching and learning, business intelligence, budget, and financial management, pivotal in shaping numerous organizations’ future. Dr. Burks core strengths lies with her proficiency across the entire spectrum of learning and operations.

A fierce and compassionate leader, Dr. Burks is unequivocally committed to improving learner outcomes and access.  Burks began her career as a researcher at NORC at the University of Chicago, a tenured professor, 24-year board of education member and President, launched a future of work institute, served as a Director of experiential education, Faculty Chair, College Dean, National Dean, founded and directed a center of teaching excellence, and holds director positions on multiple boards, including American Association of University Administrators and an assessment and student success leader for Higher Learning Commission (HLC). 

A thriving futurist and thought leader in innovative strategies, Dr. Burks is a certified in both executive coaching and design thinking and recognized with various awards and honors throughout her career.  A prolific author of multiple education publications, a highly sought-after workshop facilitator, and a prominent keynote and speaker at prestigious conferences, showcasing unwavering dedication to advancing excellence and innovation in education. 

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