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Mark Pease boasts a rich and extensive career spanning 30 years in education, showcasing his expertise as an educator, mentor, and educational leader. His journey has seen him serve in various capacities, including teacher, coach, Athletic Director, Vice Principal, Principal, and Superintendent, providing him with a diverse and comprehensive perspective on the field.

Mark commenced his professional journey in 1993 as a high school Special Education teacher in the Camden City Public School District. Over the next decade, he dedicated himself to both the classroom and coaching. Recognizing his capabilities, he transitioned to an administrative role, becoming the Athletic Director at Camden High School. Having garnered considerable success in the Camden City Public School District, Mark took on new challenges in the Palmyra School District. Here, he served as the vice principal and principal of Palmyra High School and Charles Street Elementary School, showcasing his adaptability and leadership skills. Mark concluded his distinguished career in June of 2023 as the Chief School Administrator at Somerdale School District in Somerdale, New Jersey. Currently, he holds the position of Interim Superintendent at Palmyra School District in Palmyra, NJ, continuing to contribute his wealth of experience to the field of education.

A respected member of various professional organizations, including the New Jersey Alliance of Black Superintendents, New Jersey Council of Education, New Jersey Association of School Administrators, and New Jersey Principal and Supervisor Association’s Leaders 2 Leaders Program, Mark remains at the forefront of educational leadership. His focus on Board of Education relations, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI), and Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) has positioned him as a leader in the educational realm. Mark’s dedication to the community and unwavering commitment to education have not gone unnoticed. He was honored with the Rainey Day College Foundation Educational Leadership Award, a testament to his outstanding contributions and impact.

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