Samuel A. DePaul, Ph.D.
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Dr. Samuel A. DePaul holds a Ph.D. in educational administration from the University of Pittsburgh and has served as a school district superintendent for thirty-one years; serving in five school districts, in three states during that time.  His school leadership experiences began several years prior to becoming a district superintendent while serving as a high school principal.  Most recently and prior to his retirement in 2021,  Dr. DePaul served as one of sixteen RESAs in the state of Georgia as an executive director.

Throughout his career as superintendent, Dr. DePaul led larger and smaller school districts in both suburban and rural areas.  His primary focus areas in decision making were always two-fold; what is best for our students, and what is best for our school district.  Collaboration was a common style Dr. DePaul practiced and engaged in all of his interactions with the school board, staff, parents and community members. Laboring together with school and community members in the schooling process of students served him extremely well in the role of school district superintendent. In August of 2022, Rowman and Littlefield published his book, “Perspectives And Reflections For the Superintendent:  What Can Be Learned From Experience?”

Dr. DePaul has served as a presenter and speaker at state and national professional conferences; and he and his school districts have received numerous awards and recognitions. He has maintained his membership in AASA since 1988. Dr. DePaul’s master’s degree in education is from Westminster College and his BS In biology is from Geneva College. 

As a HYA Associate, Dr. DePaul believes he brings a wealth of school leadership experience to the organization.  Developing and mentoring school leaders, training and working successfully with school boards, developing and implementing strategic plans, cultivating positive community relations, assisting or coordinating superintendent and other leadership searches, training on ethical leadership and relations, are many of the areas of expertise he confidently brings to HYA as an Associate. 

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