Chief Information Officer – Atlanta, Georgia

March 25, 2024
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Job Description

Fulton County Schools

TITLE: Chief Information Officer
ORGANIZATION: Information Technology
REPORTS TO: Superintendent
SAP JOB NUMBER: 30000049
COMP. SCHEDULE: Non-Teaching Executive (B)

The Chief Information Officer provides leadership, direction and expertise in planning and implementation of all Information Technology functions in the District. The incumbent in this position determines the District’s long-term technology needs to accomplish business objectives.

♦ Provides overall leadership and direction to the Information Technology Division including infrastructure, information security, support, records management, data utilization, data warehouse, student information system and other enterprise applications
♦ Works with instructional and technical teams to meet strategic goals and develops a budget that takes into account the total cost of implementing technical solutions
♦ Directs and ensures the implementation of all tasks related to technical infrastructure, including the selection, purchasing, installation, and maintenance of IT and the integration of technology into instruction and administrative functions
♦ Oversees the establishment and maintenance of systems and tools for gathering, integrating, and reporting data in usable and meaningful ways
♦ Directs and coordinates the use of email, District websites, voice mail systems and other forms of communication technology to facilitate decision-making, dialogue, and effective communication with the community and other key stakeholders
♦ Serves as the business leader responsible for guiding purchasing decisions, assists in determining the return on investment for all technology implementation and fosters good relationships with vendors, potential funders and other key groups
♦ Creates and supports cross-functional teams for decision-making, professional development/technology training, and
other aspects of the District’s technology program
♦ Follows and monitors compliance of all board, state and federal policies, rules and regulations related to IT

♦ Interviews and recommends candidates for administrative positions in the Information Technology Division
♦ Serves on Superintendent’s Cabinet
♦ Attends Board of Education meetings
♦ Encourages and facilitates communications among divisions, departments, schools, state/national organizations.
♦ Represents the IT division on District steering committees including, but not limited to, Enterprise Resource Planning (Altas)
♦ District liaison/executive sponsor for Cyber Insurance policy and related information security workstreams and organizations
♦ Collaborates with district Strategy and Governance department to execute digital data strategies
♦ Performs other duties as assigned by the appropriate administration

Education: Master’s Degree in Computer Science or closely related field required
Position Title: Chief Information Officer

Organization: Information Technology
Certification/Licensure: None required; Certified Education Technology Leader preferred; Process Improvement Certification preferred

Experience: Minimum 10 years of progressively responsible experience in management and business administration with at least 5 years of experience in a leadership position related to technology and information systems services required; Experience in directing and managing Information Technology functions in a K-12 setting preferred
• In-depth knowledge of computer platforms, applications, measurement systems in a quality-driven environment
• Strong decision-making ability, budget experience, proven performance and resource management skills
• Ability to effectively lead, organize, and direct the work of others
• Demonstrated ability to design and implement a strategic plan for technology
• Thorough understanding of data management and administration
• Skilled at strategic planning and goal-setting
• Ability to relate to a wide variety of people and to observe, listen and provide leadership which results in the best possible work environment
• Strong analytical and problem-solving skills
• Excellent communication skills both written and verbal
Working Conditions:
• Normal office environment
Physical Demands:
• Routine physical activities associated with normal office environment

This document provides descriptive information about the above Fulton County Schools position. Work actually performed by incumbents in this position may vary. Although this document may be used for recruiting, staffing, or career planning, the information contained herein should only be used as a guideline or recommendation for the content of and qualifications for this position. An individual’s ability to meet the qualifications and capabilities described in this document is not a guarantee of employment or promotion. Fulton County Schools reserves the right to make changes to this document as deemed necessary without providing advance written notice

Desired Characteristics

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