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Dr. Mike Richie has been the lead search associate in twenty executive searches and has provided support in four additional executive searches since he began with HYA in 2019. He is an innovative leader who excels in thinking outside the box, always looking for ways to provide the very best in education leadership. He believes that strategic goals foster the momentum with which an organization’s members can be self-motivated and productive.

After nearly 40 years in education Dr. Richie has served as a teacher, coach, principal, and superintendent in small, medium, and large school districts in the state of Wisconsin. In his 25 years as a school superintendent, Dr. Richie is known by his staff and colleagues to be a visionary leader with a positive impact on and improving education. He has led his staff in raising test scores, building community and business partnerships, increasing open enrollment numbers, passing eight referendums, and drastically improving communications, public relations and social media efforts. In 2012 Dr. Richie was named Superintendent of the Year by the National Association of School Superintendents (NASS) for his outstanding achievement as a school district superintendent, continuous improvement and commitment to collaboration and mutual support in the profession.

Dr. Richie enjoys coaching and mentoring superintendents that are new to the profession. He serves on the Executive Committee of the National Association of School Superintendents (NASS) and is an adjunct professor at Viterbo University teaching classes in leadership, school law, politics and community relations – preparing students for their principal and superintendent certifications. He has visited China twice to give numerous presentations on American Education.

These experiences make Dr. Richie an ideal associate for coaching superintendents and assisting school systems in their executive searches.

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