The Recruit phase consists of leveraging HYA’s extensive national network of Associates across multiple offices and incorporating advertising strategies that results in the identification and recruitment of exceptionally talented leaders.  HYA can also recruit non-traditional candidates, i.e. executives that have worked in business, military, private or public sector.  HYA works in close partnership with state and national organizations with numerous Associates serving on those Boards.  The HYA Signature search includes all Recruit phase services, however, a district can choose services a la carte.


HYA Associates work with their clients to consider the many approaches to advertising vacant position(s).  The HYA staff creates and coordinates all advertisements at the District’s direction.


Our associates do the hard work of matching applicants’ skills and experience with the leadership and desired characteristics set by the Board or a job description.  Associates recruit, screen and interview candidates and provide a slate of candidates.   Our on-line application system ensures there are no barriers to apply and provides the same information for all applicants delivered via a secure portal.